Popular Office Spaces in Wellington, New Zealand

Rob Jones

Popular Office Spaces in Wellington, New ZealandThrough a number of resources, we have managed to collect some information about accessible commercial buildings for you. Here, you will be able to gather some information about popular shared office spaces, too, in Wellington.

1. 175 Victoria Street

Victoria street is being considered as one of the most famous avenues for commercial buildings and private office spaces. Here, at level 9 and level 10 is currently available for lease. It is one of the most demanding areas for people who want to go to a private office space. If you are one of them, then you should check it out.

2. Hotel St George Office Space 124 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

The Willis Street is also providing the entrepreneurs with an impressing private office space where one can sit back and enjoy the productive environment. The space is peaceful, so it is excellent for you to work on your projects with full concentration. Moreover, the first-floor private office space has the right mix of professional tenants. If you want a peaceful environment, it would be your go-to place.

3. 139, The Terrace

The terrace level 5 and level 6 is currently available for lease in Wellington, New Zealand. Space is of great use as it is also providing a space for car parking along with an extensive refurbishment to lobby, bathrooms, lift cars, and office space with new ceilings and carpet.

Following are the most popular shared office spaces in Wellington, New Zealand

4. Digital NomadPopular Office Spaces in Wellington, New Zealand

Digital Nomad is one of the most popular shared office spaces in Wellington, New Zealand. The area provides a 24/7 working facility along with internet and printer services. The digital nomad has created a very productive environment for everyone who is working there. It is available for both the individuals as well as for the whole team.

5. Sub Urban Coworking

The Digital Nomad is a high end shared office space, whereas people with a strict budget prefer working in Suburban coworking. It also allows you to get connected to many other people working in the same place. Furthermore, it is an excellent place for those who are planning to expand their business. Here, you will be able to make healthy relationships and can get a chance to collaborate more with people around you.

6. BizDojo Wellington

It is one of the most popular spaces in Wellington, New Zealand, if you are looking for small shared office space. Here, you can experience and learn more by collaborating and sharing your experiences with other people.

7. Offix – small office space in Wellington CBD, 181 Willis St.

Offix has got two type of services: serviced office space in Wellington, and commercial office for lease (long term). The location is central, but prices are probably the best in Wellington. The place was recently refurbished and renovated.

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