Work from an Office During Coronavirus Outbreak – Things to Consider

Rob Jones

Work from an Office During Corona Virus Outbreak - Things to Consider

Corona Virus, a pandemic disease, is a family of viruses that has effected almost 112 countries. The virus spreads due to close contact with humans, so world health organization (WHO) has advised least contact with human beings.

Corona virus is a high risk for people working in an office space, especially in a coworking office space. We have gathered some information that you can follow in order to prevent yourselves from a deadly respiratory illness.


  • Encourage Sick Employees in Coworking Office Space to Stay at Home

If you see a person with the symptoms of Corona virus (cough and fever), you should give them leave and recommend them to stay at home. Furthermore, you should ensure your employees in shared office space know about the health guidelines and policies. This will help other employees and will reduce the risk of spread of the virus. Such shared places involve a huge number of human beings working under one roof; for such sites, one should be more careful and encourage others too.

  • Ensure That the Environment of Your Coworking Office Space Remains Clean and Sanitized

The panic has been created lately along with the spread of the virus. Sanitization is the key to control the infection in shared office space. For this, you need to clean the surfaces regularly and provide disposable wipes at certain places in the shared office space. The lifts should remain clean in such circumstances along with keyboards, desks, doorknobs and remote controls.

  • Wear Masks if Needed in Your shared Office

Work from an Office During Corona Virus Outbreak - Things to Consider

Masks are not recommended, but if you are in a coworking office space, you should wear a mask. As the virus spread by the cough droplets, so if you see someone coughing in your shared office, you should give them a mask too so that they will not spread the virus. Furthermore, you should also wear masks in other crowded spaces to prevent the illness and control the infection.

You must have heard that “health is wealth”. As one always takes care of his money, he should also take care of his health. This outbreak a threat to humanity and crowded places, including shared office, is at risk. If you are working in a shared office, you should remain cautious and take some preventive measures too. May God protect all of us from this deadly Corona Virus!

  • A private office solution in Offix (181 Willis Street)

Since Covid19 is hitting us fairly bad, and is not declared as pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization), we need to consider some other office solutions rather than Wellington’s popular shared spaces. When working from a shared space, we are exposed to more people than the usual and the risk is higher. Offix in Willis Street, on the other hand, offer private lockable offices just 5 minutes walk from the Majestic center. Prices seems to be better than the shared spaces, and the style is more domestic / warm / retro than the usual office style. Tenants have got their own lockable separated office – which means that you are not exposed to lots of people during the day. It has got some other advantages to open spaces / shared spaces: it is quiet and private – what makes it very useful for developers, lawyers, insurance brokers, IT, Startups and anyone else who needs a good location for an office. The place also offering access to a board room (which is shared with just three others), kitchen, shared space and 24/7 access.


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