The Open-Plan Office: Advantages & Disadvantages

Rob Jones

Open space offices- how did it all start?Are you someone who continuously look for new office spaces and search office space? There is good news for you i.e., open space office. Open space offices are great for teams to work better together. Although such places come with no privacy, one can still use it and flourish in his business. If you are not much concerned about privacy and looking for an office for lease or a co office space, then it will be a great deal for you. The idea of open space offices was proposed in the late 1950s and how if we look at the statics, almost about 70% of the businesses have adopted this idea. Hence, the 1990s mark the birth of open space offices. Later on, in the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the first public space office, and since then, it has become a trend. The increase of such offices is of great benefit as it is contributing to the economy of a country and plays a vital role in empowering freelancers and other entrepreneurs. Since the day it was invented, the remote workers have been benefited a lot with this great concept of modernized working. One can easily earn passively through this type of source. Such office for lease makes it use of large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms such as private office space.

Researches show that working once can say that working in an open space office and a co office space is a great deal to increase the workflow and gain some potential customers. Not just it, but if you are someone who does search office space, so it is an excellent source of income too. Furthermore, it helps the users to collaborate more, work more, and produce more instead of being stuck in a private office space. This will ultimately help you to promote your brand name and boost up your business the thousandth fold.Open space offices- how did it all start?

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As there is a lack of privacy, then one cannot expect ultimate customer satisfaction while working in a co office space or an open space office so that productivity can suffer. Furthermore, it is a threat to creativity, too because everyone’s going to keep an eye on you, so there is a considerable risk of copying ideas to different businesses. Open-plan offices specially if you want office for lease have frequently been found to reduce the confidential or private conversations which employees engage in, and to reduce job satisfaction, concentration and performance, whilst increasing auditory and visual distractions.

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