Why Do You Really Need Coworking Office Space?

Rob Jones

Is Coworking Actually Worth The Time You’re Spending On It?Once I was walking through my office and a guy asked me “Is coworking actually worth the time you’re spending on it?”. I have always been a person who encourages people when they ask me for advice to opt for a co working office space but this time, I was a bit confused. I started thinking about the investments, the procedure and the facilities it provides. Without any doubt, the competition has been increased to a hundredfold in shared office space, still, is it actually worth working there?Is Coworking Actually Worth The Time You’re Spending On It?

I came back home and started thinking of it again and came to a point where I realized that everything comes with some advantages and disadvantages too. So, one should go to the place which has more pros. Does it lead to the concept that is coworking office space has more pros or cons? For sure, for a newbie with no brand name and no contacts, it would be of great help and will surely benefit him a lot. Not just it but most of the co-working spaces remain open 24/7. There are no strict rules you need to follow. There, you can work every time you want. You just need to book a desk for yourself and start working there. Once, you have grown your team, you can switch from the co working space to a private office space.  It is also a lot cheaper when compared to private office space so one who’s working on a strict budget can easily work there. Such shared spaces come with many facilities like printers, the internet and much more which you will surely cant avail of while working in a private office space so you do not need to worry about that too. You can get success if you really work hard there, collaborate more and that will leads to increased productivity. But where are the cons? Well, you could be distracting at times as the shared office spaces are crowded, just opposite of a private office space. Moreover, there you can not advertise your brand as there are a lot of brands working under one roof, hence the competition occurs.

So all in all, in my opinion, it is only great for someone who is a newbie and wants to explore more, once you have earned enough experience, you should definitely switch to private office space as it will be more convenient, more professional and will help you to grow steady and fastly.

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