How social distancing and working from home affecting us during the pandemic?

Rob Jones

How keeping social distance and working from home affect us during the pandemic?

The novel coronavirus has spread all over the globe, affecting the daily household and business-related work. As by now, everyone is aware of the fact that the virus spreads by droplets that are contaminated. So as to make sure that all of us are protected and save from this deadly virus, we are keeping social distance. It means that we are not allowed to shake hands, hug each other, or even work under the same room in our office space. There is no doubt that everything is disturbed during the pandemic, and all the workers are working from home. We haven’t practised staying home for so long, so everyone is suffering from depression and anxiety. And why will they not? We have no clue when will be allowed to work in an office again, as now it seems unreal to me.
The world has come to a stop. Roads, malls and everything are shut. People haven’t been to the parks and amusements since so long due to the pandemic. Kids are frustrated as they have no idea what is going on. This is affecting everyone.
Furthermore, Productivity is declining significantly. Everyone’s routine is disturbed, and they procrastinate. The motivation level is zero. Depression itself generates — it’s not just mental health, but physical health tends to do very poorly. Mental health issues are causing a severe impact at work. People are staying home and giving time to their families, but their minds are stuck at the worsening of the situation going on all over the world. The lower-paid employees are just losing their income as they cannot work from home. People working as daily wagers are, on the other hand, very much worried about their kids and family. Not just families, the trade centres are facing a lot of problems too, and the economy is affected badly.How keeping social distance and working from home affect us during the pandemic?
The government is hopeless, so we are. The number of deaths has been increasing lately, and seeing them again and again just breaks our hearts. Now when it comes to meetings and conferences with the help of different apps, including zoom, the internet is a big issue. Some might not hear the voice, or some might not be able to speak. Moreover, others can not listen due to chaos. Females need to take care of their children too, and the energy drops to zero. Hence, we can not change the situation by ourselves by doing magic, instead what we can do is to accept the reality and start loving to work from home rather than in office space. Keeping social distance is the only way to protect ourselves and our families during the pandemic. We all hope that we can overcome the situation as early as possible.

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