How To Break Your Addiction From Social Media, Games Other Tech To Achieve Longer Attention Span

Rob Jones

Digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, business owners, and employees, all of them are expected to put long hours into work to meet the deadlines. You need more productivity and higher efficiency to reach your goals. However, there are some external factors that are wavering your focus and affecting your attention span. These factors are social media, gaming, and other tech-based content consumption. What makes this even more daunting is addiction towards it. Spending too much time on social media, games and various tech-based platforms reduce your focus, affect your health and mind. Here are some tips on how you can limit your addiction to these external factors. 

Tips to stop spending too much time on social media 

Most of the youngsters and even people from different age groups keep their attention on the phone and scrolling their social media. However, there is no doubt that social media helped people to stay connected and sharing information. But it’s important to understand when you should start controlling your habits before it turns into an addiction.


  • Get those notifications off: Lots of people find it difficult to ignore when they see the notification pop up on their phone. Not just it’s tempting, but also it can lead to time to waste too. so turn notification off on your social media in order to focus on the work you are doing 
  • Set the timer: However, you can set a timer if you have no clue of time and you can’t control yourself. Otherwise, set time in which you are allowed to look at what’s going on social media.
  •  Find something to do:  well if you have too much free time to spend, use it on something that you like to do. You can explore things and look for hobbies instead of spending it on social media
  • Delete people who are useless:  well sometimes your friend on social media or those whom you connected over social media can waste your time for good for nothing reasons. If you find someone toxic, simply block them. 


Tips on how to stop playing too much video game 

Video games are another addiction which is affected the youngsters mainly. All thanks to new introductions of different video games which are consuming too much attraction of young people but also they spend most of the time playing. It’s harmful to their body and can cause obesity like issues too.


  • Don’t get too perfect: Playing games are not harmful; things go wrong when you start spending beyond too much time on it. Also, it starts affecting you and your other works. Also, some people spend time just to win the match as they want to complete it all in one time. It’s not possible, and it’s not necessary either.
  •  Limit your time: set weekends for playing those video games you want to play for a long time. Not then, set some particular days and time where you can focus on what you are playing and enjoy it too. It will not let your work get, and also you can spend some time playing too.
  • Make a plan:  if you are spending too much time as well as buying games for no reason then makes a list of things that you want to do or play. Also, keep this maintains and sets what you want for what.  The planning will help you in not spending too much money on buying video games.
  • Understand that games are just games: what you are playing is all for fun, and it’s important for you to keep that thing in your mind. Not only that keeps things light and goes according to the plan you have made for yourself.

Here is how you can stay in control while using other techs 

Well, not just social media and video games, there are lots of other techs related things that are making people addicted. However, you should know how to stop, when to stop and why to stop. It’s helpful for you to get everything in your control instead of wasting too much time as well as energy on it.


  • Avoid checking your phone in the morning:  well, if it’s possible don’t start your morning with your phone.  And don’t get too focused on knowing what happened when you were sleeping.  If there are important things to check, do it and put it aside.
  •  Put a stop on ‘online ‘all the time:  However, technology helped people to feel connected, but again it’s not important to stay online all the time. Not just it’s boring, but also you don’t get enough time for doing your work either. 
  •  Spend some time on yourself: Instead of spending your time surrounded by technology and gadgets, go out and do exercise. Also, you can do cycling and spend your day with nature. It’s not just refreshing, but if you had a hectic week, you would find it soothing for yourself too.
  •  Read things instead of searching it: however, it’s outdated but still effective. If you want to read books or news, then lend books from the library or buy newspapers. It’s a better way to know what’s going around the work and the feeling of holding a newspaper or book is does not match if you are going to compare it with eBooks.
  • It’s not crucial to capture everything:  In the world of cameras, phones, and other options people get too involved in capturing photos instead of enjoying the moments.  If you are outside, spend time observing people. The beauty of nature and remember it inside your head instead of clicking it in your phone.

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