Trending Ways Of Content Marketing That Small Business Should Know

Rob Jones

Content Marketing might be a long-term marketing strategy but definitely the most effective and sustainable. It is a form of marketing that uses content to build a strong relationship with your audience. 

Content helps users to find you by increasing your brand visibility. It is also great at retaining an audience for a longer time as building trust and reliability. In short, content marketing benefits every stage of sales funnel.

 You can utilize any form of content such as blogs, social media posts, videos, and others. The most popular ones are social media posts, videos, illustrations, case studies, ebooks/white papers, and infographics.

 For small businesses, you have to be smarter with your content marketing strategy. Because it is the most cost-effective way to build your brand. You can be as creative as you want with your content to gain more eye-balls. Start with following these top trending ways for content marketing. 

Video Content is the Fastest Growing Content Marketing Strategy 

More than 50% of consumers prefer video in all kinds of formats and content forms. It drives a  157% increase in organic traffic. Video content is the exponentially growing market which increases conversions by 80%. 87% of marketers use online video. Video content is taking social media by the storm. Every second social media trend involves video driving massive results. You can witness this boom all over on the social media platforms. 

Consumers Are Ready to Pay for Educational Content 

Educational content allows consumers 131% more likely to buy the product or services. Even after a week, they have 48% more chances to buy from the same brand. 

But more than that, consumers are ready to pay for the educational content-based products itself. Influencers publish their ebooks and digital courses to attract customers. 

The number of ebook users is expected to be 89.5 million by 2032 where it is now 82.5 million. Also, the user penetration in the ebooks will reach 26.4% from 25.07% as of today. 

Educational content has primarily two benefits : 

  1. It builds a consistent consumer base. 
  2. A website with educational content sells more products. 
  3. The content itself becomes a product to sell. 

Paid Distribution of Content 

Content marketing requires a significant amount of investment and patience for results. Small businesses often over-rely on free traffic lead to an ineffective content marketing strategy. For small businesses, paid advertising might sound a bit unreasonable. But it can generate high revenue in the long term by exposing your brand towards a high-target audience. 93 % of Facebook promotions, 79% of Twitter ads, 71% of LinkedIn ads, and 55% of Youtube ads are used by marketers. 

Also, 63% of people said that they would click on Google Ads. Small businesses should focus on Facebook and Google Ads as these two are the best-paid advertisement platform. You can customize your ad campaigns according to your budget. With trials and errors, you can learn what works for you without spending the moon on it. 

Best Content Marketing Tools

  • Buzzsumo: Find and analyze the content which works on the internet. Look for the content which is trending on the web in terms of traffic, social media shares, and engagement. Buzzsumo resolves your dilemma on what to publish on your blog.
  • ClickFunnels: Sales funnel is the backbone of any sales on a website. You want your traffic to be converted into leads and eventually the sales. This tool allows you to create custom sale funnels easily with the help of numerous templates, drag-and-drop function, and other time-saving features.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test: Your website loading speed is an ultimate consideration in its ranking factor. With Pingdom, you can check, analyze, and track the performance of your website speed. It gives you detailed page analysis, performance grade, scores, and reports to improve over time.

Canva:  80% of marketers prioritize visual assets in social media marketing and blogging. Canva is a highly cost-effective solution for creating visually-engaging graphics. You do not need to invest a fortune in hiring a graphic designer. It allows you to create all kinds of visual posts that you can think of.

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