10 Essential Tools That Every Digital Nomad Should Have

Rob Jones

Freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, or any independent professionals require a certain set of tools that are essential to increase their productivity. Not just that, these tools help them truly adopt the digital nomad lifestyle at its maximum optimization. If you are a freelancer or a digital nomad, there are some tools to help you save time and energy, maintain your focus, help you relocate, and enjoy your life in a better way. Here are those 10 essential tools that you should have. 


Toggl is an application that helps you to increase your productivity. It is simply a time tracker tool with powerful reports to assess your workflow and manages your time across all your devices. It keeps track of your time and how you utilize it. 

Alternatives: Timedoctor, Hubstaff, RescueTime, Desktime, Harvest, HourStack 


There are indeed lots of project management tools out there but Trello is the most intuitive and easy to work on. It allows you to set up different tasks with respective labeling and assign them to your different teammates. Also, it is ideal in the case if have multiple tasks to perform in a day, week, or month. Tasks are in the form of stacks to categorize them or to change their status. These stacks consist of movable cards that can be transferred from one stack/column to another to show progression. You can also attach, images, links, due dates, and documents as well. 

Alternatives: MeisterTask, ClickUp, Asana, Airtable 


NomadList is something you must have heard if you are an experienced digital nomad. It is the place where you get all the relevant information about the cities that you are going to travel or can travel. You can get the rating depending upon the safety, nomad-friendliness, average internet speed, and other different criterias. Apart from that, various digital nomads from different parts of the world can connect to each other as well. It makes a great community that can help each other in traveling. 

Alternatives: TripAdvisor, Wikitravel, Wikiyogage, TourPickr, GuidePal 


Pocket is the best application for collecting all those best articles that you want to read but for some reason you haven’t. It bookmarks the best pages on the web for you to read it later. This way, you never miss the great content on the web. 

Alternatives: Instapaper, PaperSpan, Raindrop.io, Moon+ Reader, Wallabarg, Article Reader Offline


Evernote is a cloud-based tool for keeping notes and storing ideas. It comes with features like recording audio, attach images, and scan documents. It is an ideal tool for keeping your essential information in one place, also all the creative ideas and thoughts together that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. 

Alternatives: Google Keep, ClickUp, Microsoft OneNote, Dropbox Paper, Notejoy, Bear 


While you’re on move, the phone can be expensive for communication or not the best idea. Skype seamlessly connects you to anyone, anywhere around the world without spending any money at all and talk limitlessly. You can do chats and also the video calls for the talks and meetings as well.  

Alternatives:  Goggle Hangouts, Google Meet, Google Duo, FaceTime 


Coworker and other coworking space platforms allow you to find shared offices and coworking spaces across the city where you are traveling. If you are staying at the location for the long-term, finding a coworking space that resonates with your work will be the best thing to do. Even you can get a short term office space with the help of these coworking space finder applications. 

Alternatives: Workfrom, Hipdesk, WeWork, Work Hard Anywhere


Slack is an essential tool for the remote workers, especially if they work in a remote team. Slack is one of the best productivity-boosting communication tools available that help you connect with your remote team, clients, and other members on the go. 

Alternatives: Google Hangout, Hive, Fleep, Workplace by Facebook, Chanty, Fuze


Every city has numerous hotel or hostel accommodation but those are pricy, especially for digital nomads. Since you are traveling to a place for the long term, Airbnb is the ideal platform to find yourself a cozy affordable nice room, apartment, or any such accommodation directly from their owners. It is more independent, reliable, and cost-efficient as well. 

Alternatives: 9Flats, HomeAway, One Fine Stay, Flipkey, Booking, HouseTrip, Vrbo 


Hopper is an application that will send you a notification about the price decreases on certain dates and destinations which will you choose. You can even buy flights directly from their application and book hotels as well. Hopper proves to be saving a lot of money, time, and energy for your next trip planned. 

Alternatives: Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak, Trivago, Expedia, Flightics, Kiwi.com 

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