How to Collaborate Effectively When Working Remotely

Rob Jones

Remote communication is becoming more than essential today. It is more detailed than you think. Connecting to your team remotely, and working on long-term goals require some skill set and understanding. Also, this particular kind of collaboration calls for specific measures and instructions to take into consideration. Half-written messages, brief instructions, or lack of consistent communication lead to conflict and inefficiency in your business. So, there is an effort to be put adapting this new digital way of communicating and leading your team. Here are some tips to effectively collaborate with your remote team. 

 Utilizing Remote Communication Tools 

To ensure maximum productivity, you need to utilize the remote communication tools available to connect your team at one platform from their respective homes. Increasing communications among your remote team boost their enthusiasm towards the work. According to statistics featured in Buffer, 19% of remote works reported feeling lonely. Then, there are issues with collaborations and communication seen in most of the remote workers. You wouldn’t want that on your team. 

The best way is to come up with different communication tools so everyone feels connected and working towards a singular goal. For a lot of companies, E-mails are one primary communication tool used efficiently to connect with employees and team members. You need to figure out different avenues for your team according to the situation. There are a lot of free communication tools to use but for more advanced features, you have to pay for the premium versions. 

Brief Communications Aren’t Always Clear Ones 

Sometimes in order to be precise and efficient, you tend to use very limited words to communicate. Well, this is not necessarily the right approach to go for. Some might get but most of the teammates may waste their time interpreting your message and probably only get it wrong. You should not suppose that your team members can understand your shorthand or cues. Give some time to provide clear and detailed instructions to your team. Be intentional to make it clear to them irrespective of the medium. 

Creating A Stress-free Environment 

It is evident that remote work is less stressful than at the workplace. In addition to that, co-working office space helps you manage your work in the most efficient way. Also, the co-working space able you to connect to your team. However, while connecting your team remotely, you need to keep the environment stress-free and positive to boost productive and efficient results. The way you manage your remote team depends on whether it can be stressful or not. So try to be as communicative as you can with your remote team. Connect with them individually. Provide clear instructions, explain the tasks with proper detailing, and let your team ask questions freely.  

Establishing Communication Norms

Remote teams are necessary to create very specific norms to establish clarity in communication. Among the team members, it is necessary to create a universal language to bring certainty to a conversation. Some companies do that by using customized acronyms for quick mentioning. Also, communication norms can also be established among individuals in terms of language, writing style, word choices, response time, and tone. Whether you are connecting your team in an office workspace or shared office space, such norms take communication, hence the productivity of the team one step further. 

Allowing Your Team To Socialize Remotely

You have to give some room to your team to get socialize. Creating such a friendly space where they can socialize easily helps them perform better. Remote working can be lonely and feels isolated from the team. According to an article published in CPL Jobs, it mentions how employees having best friends at work are seven times more productive than those who don’t.  Socialization is as important as communication in a managed office, also they profoundly depend on each other. You are supposed to create opportunities where your team can socialize and collaborate together. 


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