Staying Focused When Working From Home

Rob Jones

Remote working sounds fun at a time but when you really go for it, you find how it has its own set of challenges. The good news is, these challenges can be tackled with some strategies, restrictions, and management. So you just have to more aware while working from home, so you can submit your work at the deadlines and also enjoy the perks of being an independent worker. Here are the two major aspects of what breaks your focus while working at home, and how you can tackle them.

 Avoid Distractions At Home

Home distractions are a common obstacle among remote workers. Distractions at home seem to be the biggest struggle to get the work done from home. It can be household chores, your family, and other many reasons. Well, to really avoid the distractions at home and continue to build focus, here are some tips :

  • Setting Up A Designated Workspace:  To stay focused on your work and achieve the deadlines, you need to cut yourself from the main activities going on at your house. You need to be inaccessible and alienated to a certain spot or zone where you consistently work for hours. This can be done by creating a destined workspace at some corner of your house. You can shut doors if possible and create space limitations.

  • Creating a Schedule To Follow:  While working remotely, you are flexible to your schedules, and that’s actually one of the best parts about working from home. But you should take the advantage only when needed because if not, working without a schedule can lead to some serious procrastination. So you need to create some working hours so you will be mentally prepared to get focused and avoid distractions for that time.

  • Connect & Work With Your Team: Co-working space are successful because it gives us the community to work together and get things done. Well, working from home can be pretty lonely, hence lead to disinterest in work or lack of focus. The best way to deal with this is the loop in your remote team on your schedule so all can work together without any distractions.

 Beating Low Motivation

When there is no physical distance between the place you work and the place where you relax, it takes a heavy toll on your motivation to work. You have scheduled your work for the day but not able to instill a sense of urgency to get things done on time. Well, this low motivation happens quite often while working remotely. Here are some tips to beat low motivation and stay focused.

  • Getting Yourself Prepared:  It is not necessary to abandon your casual wear workspace clothes to get serious about getting work done. You just have to be more exclusive to the work you do. You are supposed to brush your teeth, take shower, change your clothes, and get yourself prepared for the ‘work mode’ and put yourself at the designated workspace. This helps you to beat the low motivation if you continue your daily morning routine.

  • Limit Your Day: Like all the jobs, you will be exhausted working on this one too. You need to put markers on your working hours. There must be some dedicated time to shut down and rejuvenate. Spend you later evening in relaxing, and maybe avoid too much screen time. This will keep you motivated for the next day to work.

  • Use the Pomodoro technique:  Working throughout the day feel like a lot to do, and you might feel already exhausted and intimidating. But it is necessary to start with high motivation. Here the Pomodoro technique will help you. In this technique, you are supposed to work in a 25-minutes increments tail with a short break. In this way, you can manage your day easily. There will be a sense of urgency in completing the task as you will be working in 25 minutes at a time.

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